Tyia Wilson 1

Tyia Wilson

Yoga as a transformative practice is the heart of Tyia Wilson’s teaching.  Her personal transformational journey with fibromyalgia inspired her to teach others how to heal, maintain, and strengthen their bodies through applying yoga with self-acceptance, inner nurturing, and conscious self-care.  A 200 hour-RYT certified instructor, Tyia has been influenced through her studies with Manorama D’Avila, Eddie Modestini, Bhavani Maki, Cathie Caccia, Tracee Stanley, Pilar Tumolo, and Mariam Askari.  Through the application of sanskrit mantra and toning, Tyia also uses her skills as a professional singer/songwriter and kirtan leader to teach the use of voice and sound to compliment one’s yoga practice.  Tyia’s initial attraction to yoga was in developing subtle nuance and grace.  As an instructor she focuses upon evolving cues and movements which offer practitioners the opportunity to expand their own understanding of themselves through each pose.