Zoe Walchli 1

Zoe Walchli

In college, Zoe worked in the Adaptive Physical Education Program as an Assistant Physical Therapist. Designing and guiding workouts for students of all ages rehabilitating after injuries and surgeries. She branched out and interned in the Santa Rosa Sports Medicine Department for 2 years with resident Olympic Athletic Trainer Byron Craighead. Training alongside him and his field team providing first aid and training room support keeping college athletes in top form for their sports. This involvement led to her accreditation as an Emergency Medical Technician. Working on an Ambulance at the San Francisco International Airport. Interning with local Fire Departments, while volunteering with the Urban Search and Rescue. Invested in Pilates since 2007, she continues her education with workshops and independent studies. Certified with Pilates Integrated Teacher Training in San Francisco, California.