Move of the Month: Side Plank Starfish

July 26, 2017
Move of the Month: Side Plank Starfish

Don't let summer travel get in the way of a sleek toned midsection! Try this core challenge from Zenergy Health and Wellness Manager Tim Hanna, a certified trainer and health coach, to keep your torso, especially your obliques, in killer shape. Because it requires no equipment, you can do the move anywhere from a hotel room to your campsite! 

Lie on one side with elbow under shoulder, even pressure through your bottom forearm; extend your opposite arm to the ceiling. Raise hips straight up to ceiling as if you are between two panes of glass. For a bigger challenge, lift top foot to be level with top hip. Aim to hold for 30 to 60 seconds, then switch sides and repeat. Repeat each side 3 times. 


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