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It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t in your new 1,000 square foot sandbox.

Challenge yourself or work with friends…either way, you’ll build real core strength for real-life purposes. Envisioned by the Fitness Design Group, the Pivot functional movement studio offers Zenergy members an experience of equipment and exercises that might at first seem unfamiliar.

Designed to develop core strength and stability while improving cardio output, Pivot is open for general use by members when clinics aren’t in session. Peak fitness is possible – just Pivot to get there.

PIVOT Unlimited/MyZone Programs are progressive small group training sessions, with coaches who specialize in results-based sport training. The workouts are divided into Strength, Power or Conditioning Sessions while using MyZone Heart rate training zones to track max efforts and recovery.

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PIVOT Unlimited/MyZone Training

Unlimited attendance. Outstanding results.

PLEASE NOTE: Pivot Unlimited Sessions currently on pause, effective 12/1/2020.

Small group training through Zenergy’s Pivot Unlimited/MyZone programming offers a holistic approach to functional fitness. Combining technology, testing, coaching, and nutrition tips, this program helps participants realize their unique athletic potential.

Pivot Unlimited session access is an add-on service to Zenergy Membership. Sign-up at the Zenergy front desk or Fitness Director’s desk. Pivot Unlimited members, click the button below to reserve your training spaces, up to 30 days in advance. See Pivot Unlimited session descriptions and schedule below.

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Email or call 208-725-5389 our Fitness Director to learn more about Pivot Unlimited and our sign up process.

“It’s like a group of professional trainers are helping me, each bringing their own education, knowledge and experience. Seeing and feeling my improvements has really lifted my confidence. I’m getting stronger and fitter, and the sessions are fun!” – T. Smith

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Members, read these instructions on how to sign up.

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Session Descriptions & Schedule

We’ve broken down strength and cardio training in a way that will deliver maximum results. Simple. But far from easy.

Functional fitness for maximum performance. This session offers high energy, cardio and strength, endurance and work capacity needed to conquer your sporting world. Intense!

Strength & Power
This class focuses on the development of strength and power through big, compound movements. Each class flows through 3 components:

  1. Group dynamic warm up and instruction
  2. Strength and power exercise circuit: 3 to 4 exercises that you will rotate through as instructed
  3. Conditioning: Finish the class by getting the heart rate up and muscle burning through variety of different intervals and timed programs.

Improve your strength and power as you learn how to correctly perform; squats, lunges, presses, deadlifts, kettle bell swings, planks, presses and more.

The class is challenging, but can be modified to meet you at your level.

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Clinic Drop-in Rates (if space available): Members $25 | Non-members $45

PIVOT Unlimited, a Zenergy membership add-on:

  • Six month Membership. Receive a Free MZ-3 Heart Rate Monitor ($149 value) – $360
  • Three month Membership. – $195
  • One month Membership. – $65
  • Pivot Unlimited participation requires purchase of MZ–3 Heart Rate Monitor.
  • PIVOT Unlimited memberships automatically renew, and may be cancelled at any time.

Membership includes:

  • MyZone heart rate training – Programming for guaranteed results
  • Access to unlimited weekly PIVOT Workouts
  • Regular fitness challenges
  • Monthly nutrition and trainer tips, sample workouts and more.
  • Body composition testing (recommended every 6 weeks)