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Zenergy offers a diverse array of yoga classes to its Members, all taught by dedicated and skilled instructors.

Looking for yoga or mindfulness classes in Sun Valley? Inspire yourself through the exploration of yoga in our humidity and temperature controlled studio with magnificent views.  Achieve harmony and unity of body, mind, and soul. Explore disciplines like Vinyasa, Hatha, Flow, and Hot Yoga, or take in alternative offerings like Sport Stretch, Foam Roller, or Qi GongYoga classes are offered seven days a week.

Class Descriptions
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Unique Clinics

Our studio offers periodic offerings like mindful meditations, sound explorations, teacher trainings, and other advanced workshops.

Our specialty clinics are taught by visiting luminaries and by our own stellar local yogis. Clinics are almost always open to both Zenergy members and the public.

three women show their flexibility and strength with three advanced yoga poses

Yoga Class Descriptions

Zenergy offers a variety of different practices to choose from, including hot and restorative yoga.

Focus on the integration of classical Yoga philosophy and practices with contemporary alignment principles. This class is designed to purify and strengthen body, breath and mind.

A rejuvenating practice that utilizes proper alignment, breath and awareness as a vehicle for achieving optimal wellness. Students will gain a solid foundation of the fundamental aspects of yoga.

Synchronize movement and breath to build internal heat, endurance, flexibility, strength and mental focus. This class is taught in a heated room to promote cleansing of the body and mind.

A class for all levels which emphasizes breathing more fully and integrating various active/passive postures with the breath. The vocal sound element helps one to de-stress, create mindfulness and resonate with the heart. Tyia’s teaching style is a therapeutic fusion of yoga and sound – her voice will move you!

Great for the tight athlete. Emphasis is on opening the back, hips and shoulders, and lengthening the hamstrings and quadriceps. No standing poses.

This foundational yoga class focuses on the basic aspects of the practice: safe and proper alignment, breath, and body awareness. This slow-paced class includes gentle stretching, simple postures with modifications, and restorative poses. This is a perfect class for beginners as well as more experienced students wishing to establish a stronger foundation.

A nurturing practice that cultivates deep relaxation and healing through the fusion of mind, body and breath. The practice begins with basic postures and culminates with a guided meditation designed tap into the body, heart and mind’s innate ability to release, restore and renew.

Strength, balance, core, focus and sweat. Experience an energy boost and challenge in this 60-minute practice.

A well-rounded practice focusing on breath, alignment, and awareness as we move into more advanced postures including inversions, back bends, and arm balances. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the more subtle aspects of yoga. This class is not appropriate for beginners.

Calm the mind while enhancing energy, strength and balance. Class incorporates both movement and meditation. Suitable for all levels.

All levels. Relax and renew with calming movements, supported postures and sound therapy nurturing mind, body, and spirit.

Gentle poses are held for 2-4 minutes to allow for stretching of the connective tissue, circulation of Chi, and deep relaxation for the whole body. This class is appropriate for all levels.

With the longer holds in poses that is characteristic of yin yoga, one can explore the breath — for the benefit of the physical practice AND the mind!

Learn self-myofascial release techniques. Use your own body weight to massage, improve flexibility, and reduce likelihood of injuries.