pilates stretch and hold on overhead rack

Strong to the Core

Zenergy’s fully-equipped Joseph Pilates style studio boasts a full staff of authentic Pilates certified instructors.

A favorite of professional athletes and dancers, Pilates combines precision and breathing with a combined emphasis on the deep muscle groups that generate the body’s power and allow it to move in a strong and graceful way. Learn a system of exercises using special apparatus designed to improve your physical strength, flexibility, and posture while  enhancing your mental awareness.

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Pilates Clinics

Each month, our instructors offer Pilates “wall unit” clinics for duos, trios, and quads.

Enjoy your Pilates workout alone as a private lesson, or in a clinic with friends on our wall machines. Work to extend your ability levels and develop your body with personalized coaching. Attendees sign up for once-weekly sessions over a month’s time.

Wall Unit Clinic Registration & Schedule

After logging in, Members can view Programs and register. Or register at any time via the Zenergy Sun Valley fitness app (view under Programs icon at bottom of screen).

two pilates instructors demonstrate their form on two pilates wall units