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More athletes are shifting toward eating a wider array of plants for a variety of reasons. Whether you are looking to have a better impact on the environment or step up your nutrition game for health and performance, there are many unique benefits to eating a plant-centered diet. However, not everyone does it right. As an accredited performance nutritionist and coach specializing in plant-based nutrition for athletes, Jackson’s individualized program will help you thrive and reach your athletic goals. Whether deciding to take the plunge towards fully vegan or simply curious about adding more color to your plate, this program is a great way to explore the benefits of plant based eating.

With so much misinformation out there about diet and performance, Jackson believes the path to success begins with a long-term, personalized approach based on connection, accountability, and education. His month-long program, priced starting at $450, is rooted in 1:1 consultations designed to provide you with the tools to fuel and train confidently. Below is a step by step overview of how the program works.

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How it Works

Step 1: Initial Consult and Assessment

Connect virtually with Jackson for a 60-minute intro consult covering the process and talk through your individual goals, diet, and exercise history. By the end of the appointment, you and Jackson will develop a program tailored specifically for you. If appropriate, a discussion around creating and keeping a food and training journal, as a tool during and beyond the program, can be most helpful in achieving your goals.

Step 2: Follow-up Sessions

Over the course of the next 30 days, you’ll meet once a week for 4 total sessions. These conversations are an opportunity to ask questions, work through challenges, refine the plan, and have a personal sports nutritionist/coach at your disposal to provide support.

Step 3: Final Assessment

At the end of your program, you’ll receive a written comprehensive, individualized assessment and plan based on your data and consultations. This will include recommendations for meals and fueling strategies, resources, recipes, and more.

More Options

Pantry and Grocery Store Audit
+ Cooking Demo

If desired, for an additional cost, Jackson can be accessible to spend an afternoon auditing your pantry. This includes: a grocery shopping tour to better affect your habits for success, as well as the option for him to come to your home to demo some of his favorite plant-based recipes to close the loop on shopping and meal prep.

Increase your performance through a plant based diet.

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