Breathe with Me

with Tyia Wilson (follow on YouTube: TyiaWilsonYoga )

10 minutes

A Guided Mediation with focus on the root chakra and the bija mantra "Lam."

Inversions and Hips

with Danielle Carruth

One hour and fifteen minutes.

Let’s get upside down! Inversions and hips. Energize and strengthen and find opportunity in adversity.

Maintaining Optimal Health & Immunity During COVID-19

By Zenergy Personal Trainer, Cory Duffy

When discussing health and fitness, it’s easy to overlook what I believe is the key to your overall health: your mindset.

Your mindset is even more important during difficult times like we’re experiencing now. Our lives have been turned upside down, and many of us feel stressed and unnerved. Our routines have been disrupted and we have new roles and tasks to juggle, plus all the added worry about our health, our jobs, and our community.

Who wouldn’t be anxious and stressed? But what does that stress do and how do we mitigate it?

As you may know, our bodies have two major systems (in the Autonomic Nervous System) composed of our Sympathetic (Fight or Flight) and Parasympathetic (Rest and Digest)systems. When we experience acute stress, our Fight or Flight system is engaged, releasing powerful hormones such as epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol to prepare us to either stay and deal with the threat or run away to safety.

These “fight or flight” hormones can make you near superhuman, but this acute stress response comes at a price and can put your body out of balance if you remain there too long.

To make us faster, stronger and more alert in times of stress, our body takes resources from other important areas, like our reproductive and immune systems. After all, who really needs them when we are running from a tiger?

What’s more, the elevated levels of cortisol in our system can dramatically impact our sleep. Typically, you end the night and go to sleep with low levels of cortisol and, throughout the night, those levels slowly increase, and you wake up. But if you go to bed with elevated levels due to daily stressors, you will reach that waking phase way too early and have a very difficult time getting back to sleep or getting the deep sleep needed for recovery.

Why does that matter now? Well, losing just two hours of sleep in one night has the potential to reduce the efficiency of your immune system by nearly 30 percent.

Not good, especially right now. So what to do?


Begin with your mindset and find some balance. Of course, there are things to worry about in the world, but there are also tons of opportunities and good things to focus on. Ensure you give them at least as much attention as the 24-hour news cycle.


Put your mind to work with daily tasks and get back into a routine. Simply creating a list each day or blocking out times in your calendar for the daily tasks helps you get back onto a schedule. We are creatures of habit, and simply getting back to any routine will help ease our minds and help eliminate some daily stress.


You’re at home more now, which may seem foreign. Take this time to redesign your environment so it is less stressful and works with your new reality. Set up your new home office, have relaxing music on (or noise cancelling headphones) and anything else that puts your mind in a positive frameset.


Add sleep to your daily routine list and schedule in a solid 8 to 9 hours each night. I personally recommend taking it a step further and creating a sleep routine about 30 minutes prior to bedtime. This could be anything from no electronics one hour prior to bed, reading for 30 minutes, journaling, aromatherapy, cooling down your bedroom, taking a bath or anything else that helps you relax and get ready for a good night of deep, restorative sleep. Sleep is the foundation of building the anti-fragile body and mind, and once you have set that foundation, you are ready to build.


Be sure that you eat a healthy diet, which right now could be more challenging. I work with clients around the globe and have found that there are incredible meal delivery services available almost anywhere. If you are lazy or pressed for time, like me, this is a healthy and easy option.


Daily exercise is key to maintaining good health. It’s also a great stress reducer and mood enhancer. While the gym may be closed, you can do online classes (check out the offerings at Zenergy to Go) or get out for social-distancing bike rides and hikes. Developing a modified workout program that fits into your lifestyle and reaches your goals is essential.


Mental stress is not all bad but too much can affect your sleep and more importantly right now your body's ability to protect itself. There are some great mindfulness strategies out there such as yoga and meditation. Beyond that there are also some incredible natural supplements that help reduce stress and anxiety.

This is a new routine for all of us. While there are things that we may miss about our old lives, it gives us the opportunity to look at our old routines and optimize them. Things will get back to normal eventually, and when they do, remember to take the chance to optimize your life again. Improve each and every day.


Breathe and Ground (All-Levels Yoga)

with Tyia Wilson

10 min

via YouTube: tyiadotcom

Gentle Yoga for Athletes (I)

with Yvette Hubbard

35 minutes

Get deeper into hip openers throughout this practice.  Use your breath as your guide!


Zenergy's Own: Emily Knowles

One of Zenergy's longest-tenured trainers, Emily Knowles balances a busy family life with a career at the club training clients, teaching Pilates, and being an itinerant bodybuilding competitor. Here's a short interview, catching up with Emily.

Be sure to catch Emily & Co. weekdays Monday-Saturday at 9am on Instagram (follow: for short but impactful live Pilates Mat classes. (P.S. you can bring your dog, they might learn something from Pickles the Pilates Dog.)



Who was your your most important sports/fitness mentor?

My Dad. When I was in about 6th grade, we would wake up very early in the morning to do the “20 min workout.” Does anyone remember them? Anne, Bess and Laurie - with matching leotards?
After that, it was Bodies in Motion with Gilad. We loved working out together. My Dad was an athlete. He was a runner, rower, windsurfer and loved lifting weights. He instilled in me an appreciation and desire for exercise.

What is your favorite individual sport? Team sport?

OK, well to be totally honest I was terrible at many of the team sports I grew up with. I played soccer and basketball for years, then finally quit. I realized that I was so much better at sports that didn’t involve a ball. I excelled in track (the 300m hurdles, the 400m and the 4 x 400m relay.) I rowed at a local lake - absolutely loved crew. The college I attended didn’t have rowing so my hopes were to be a track star. My freshmen year I injured my knee in a ski accident so that took me out. As I rehabbed, I realized how much I loved lifting weights and quickly got a membership at a local gym. I took as many group fitness classes as I could and was hooked. From then on I realized that my second home is the gym.

Is there any new form of entertainment that has caught on with your during this unusual time?

During this “Shelter at Home” I’ve had more time to run than I usually do. I am happy to have that because the other thing that is filling my time is A LOT of cooking.  I finally have time so I’m going through ALL my recipes and I’ll be lucky if I don’t resurface with a few extra lbs. to show for it. HA!! But the most entertaining thing has been watching our old family movies. It has been SO much fun! Tons of laughter all night.

What's one thing you've discovered about yourself that surprises you?

I discovered that when you have “all the time in the world” you can do things on your list that you’ve pushed off for years. Yes, I am a superhero - the other night I fixed my iPad. ALL. BY. MYSELF. Yes, it took me 2 hours. But I did it.  I thought I’d get everything on my list done by now. Nope. I’m so surprised at how my day is filled with - who knows what but it’s suddenly 5:00pm!  I was certain I’d have all closets and drawers cleaned by now. I thought I’d have that daunting “photo project” done. Nope! I think I need at least another month!  ;)

What's your dream vacation?

Without a doubt somewhere sunny. A beach. Warm water. Why pay to go somewhere cold?


Moderate Flow Yoga

with Dana Henry

A lung-opening practice. 25 Minutes.



Zenergy's Own: Zack Taylor

We caught up with Zenergy gym-fixture, Personal Trainer and Tennis Coach Zack Taylor to get a little backstory on what makes him tick.

Who was your first fitness mentor?

My parents were my first fitness mentors. My father was a professional power lifter and my mother was a figure competitor. To this day, they still have a workout room with a squat rack, deadlift platform, and bench press with all the fixings. Couldn’t ask for a better upbringing; regular push up contests, tons of squats, biceps curls, and daily crunches.

What are your favorite sports?

My all-time favorite is tennis, but I played 10 seasons of both baseball and basketball growing up. In addition to 4 seasons of football and track. I actually switched from baseball to tennis after getting season-ending pneumonia my last two seasons. It was a sign; I ended up getting a tennis scholarship to Lewis-Clark State College and tennis is a big part of my career now at Zenergy and the local high school, Wood River High.

What is your favorite non-athletic pastime or hobby?

Besides all things sports and being required to play something every season, music was and still is a favorite hobby of mine. We Taylor kids took 2 years of piano and voice before getting to choose our own instruments. I landed on trumpet, and became section leader as a sophomore in high school. I then carried that position into college, where I was 2nd chair in a traveling jazz band for LCSC.

What's you most recent favorite movie, show, or book?

I’m a history buff. In fact, I couldn’t choose between a career as a history teacher or one in the fitness industry until I realized how much I like the body and its functions. My favorite movie is Saving Private Ryan, that's The Greatest Generation right there! My favorite book is “Song of Achilles”; Greek Mythology is truly mesmerizing.

What's one thing you've discovered about yourself that surprises you?

One thing I’ve learned as I get older is I am here for a purpose. Not only do I enjoy teaching others about the body, but it’s delivered in a way that everyone gets it and things start to “click.” Like looking into teaching history, watching people’s light bulbs turn “on” in the fitness world is one of my greatest achievements and surprises.

What is your secret talent that not many people know about?

Jumping. Yep, jumping. Although I’m only 5’9” tall and weigh 170 pounds, my current box jump height (up and onto a box) is 50”. With my vertical leaping ability, I can dunk a volleyball on a 10 foot basketball hoop, and headers in the Ketchum Co-Ed Soccer league are too easy when I can out-jump all of the tall guys. I’ve been groomed to jump; all of my sports growing up were explosive and agility based. Add in 10 seasons of basketball: I could touch the rim as a 9th grader, and was dunking by 11th grade.


Yoga Online With Danielle: Class #2

http:// hips, twisting, and creative flow to be experienced at home, from Zenergy yoga instructor Danielle Carruth.

The class is broken up into two videos which are meant to be viewed in order.


How Many Meals a Day | Proper Posture

Two informative chats, the first on age-related nutritional needs, and the second on how to maintain proper posture.

Great information for anyone looking for guidance!

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