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Bodyweight Exercises with the Equalizer

Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. In fact, sometimes the simplest movements produce the best results. Of course, simple doesn’t mean easy! Bodyweight exercises are simple—but challenging.

If you’re looking for a new way to challenge yourself in the gym, check out the Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener™. The Equalizer is the set of two yellow bars that look kind of like hurdles, but don’t let their simplicity fool you—these bars are going to challenge you.

Marc Lebert originally designed the Equalizer—or EQ for those in the know—as a way to perform bodyweight pull-ups at home. But the bodyweight pull-ups were just the tip of the iceberg—it turns out the EQ is so versatile that it can be used for a huge variety of exercises.

This simple, versatile piece of equipment challenges you to use your own bodyweight as resistance to work your arms, chest, back, and core. You can use them together to perform exercises, or you can split them up and use each bar individually. You can stand them upright or flip them sideways. And you can use them to perform just about any exercise you can think of.

Seriously—any exercise. The EQ bars are perfect for push-ups, dips, pull-ups, leg raises, and stretching. But that’s not all. Get creative. You can use the EQ bars to perform single-leg squats, reverse single-leg lunges, ladder agility drills, abdominal work, hip flexibility exercises, and so much more.

What’s more—the modifications are endless. You can use two bars or a single to perform a push-up—or you can even lay a single bar on the ground to perform a push-up. You’re using your own bodyweight as resistance, so you get to decide what level is appropriate. In a sense, you can “self-spot” by using your legs to assist in an upper body exercise. In fact, your leg placement is often the key to changing the level of an exercise.

The EQ is the quintessential tool for mixing up your workouts. Use the EQ bars alone or in conjunction with other tools such as the stability ball or BOSU. Use your imagination. There is no end to the variety of ways in which you can use the EQ bars.

Get ready to build muscle endurance and strength while performing a variety of bodyweight exercises. The best part—you’re in control and you get to choose the level of challenge.

Oh—and if you were worried about the bars tipping over, don’t. They’ve been thoroughly tested and can support up to 400 pounds each.