three toned and fit women stand ready to continue exercising while holding medicine balls

Our Clinics & Workshops

Zenergy offers a diverse and ever-changing offering of monthly small group training clinics & workshops.

Yoga, rowing, interval training, aquatics, mindfulness, and much more. Each month Zenergy hosts unique specialty clinics. Most often, clinics and workshops are open to non-members – they are a great way to come experience the club for first-timers or guests. Advance sign-up is most often required; some clinics allow drop-in guests on a space-available basis.

During the pandemic, clinics or workshops are few and far between – we look forward to regularly hosting them again in the future!


Clinic Info

Sports conditioning clinics, TRX suspension training, posture alignment therapy, conditioning bootcamps, high intensity interval training (HIIT), swim clinics, Concept2 rowing clinics, and a variety of workshops are offered on a semi-regular basis.

Clinics are taught as a series with a small group of participants and are a great way to receive one-on-one attention from a trainer or instructor in a small group setting.

Workshops are typically taught in a series of two to three classes, offering intense, more focused sessions.

Athletes attending TRX class