Find your Camino: Lessons from Brenda Powell’s 500-mile trek

On September 8, 2017, Zenergy Trainer and Yoga Instructor Brenda Powell took her first step on a 500-mile walk along the Camino de Santiago de Compestela, the legendary pilgrim’s route through Spain.

Exactly one month later, she arrived at the shrine of St. James the Great, the patron saint of Spain and one of Jesus’s 12 apostles, who was martyred in AD44, in the town Santiago de Compestela.

The Spanish word “camino” means “road” or “path,” but it also can mean “journey.” For Brenda, it was a journey of a lifetime.

On Tuesday, February 6, at 6pm in the Zenergy Yoga Studio, Brenda will share her top eight lessons learned during her 31-day walking odyssey.


We caught up with Brenda to ask about her life-changing experience:

Z: What inspired your trek?
BP: This trip was a dream that was 18 years in the making after it first came onto my radar screen after reading a book called Camino. It then started showing up all around me in the last five years until I had to say YES – and get busy planning. Finally, divine timing worked in my favor and I was able to set aside the time to train and complete the 500-mile journey.

Z: How did you train?
BP: I did 4 to 6 hour hikes twice a week on the beautiful trails in our area, often wearing the 20-pound pack and shoes that I would take on the trip. I also walked the 3.5 miles to and from work whenever possible. Overall, I trained about 4-5 days a week including  two days of weights and yoga.

Z: How many miles did you walk each day?
BP: I averaged 18 miles a day – some days more, some less.

Z: Any physical challenges?
BP: A foot infection from a blood blister forced me to make one 2-day layover. I also suffered a strained quad and achy swollen feet daily.

Z: What did you eat?
BP: I took some of my own food – protein powder bars and electrolyte drink mix – then ate from grocery stores or restaurants when available, which was sometimes hard due to festivals and siesta times.

Z: Where did you stay?
BP: I stayed mostly in the pilgrim refugios. When they were full, I found a hotel or pensione.

Z: Did you do the trip solo?
BP: Yes. I wanted it to be a profound inner journey – to make it much more than a long walk.

Be inspired to find your own “camino” – to spark that inner fire of passion to step out of the box and take on something really big. Join Brenda for her talk on February 6!

By Stacy Whitman, with Brenda Powell.