Holiday cooking class at the Haven – a quick review!


The following is a guest post by Zenergy member Katherine Rixon. 


Last night my husband and I and a few friends took a holiday cooking class from Kellee and Kate at The Haven. A friend organized the evening and I expected to be wearing an apron, chopping vegetables, and slaving over a hot stove. But no. This was WAY more fun. Think more along the lines of watching a cooking show with a glass of wine in hand, while getting to try everything along the way. We ended up with recipes, cooking tips, a killer salad dressing to use for Thanksgiving and a fabulous dinner. (Oh, AND we were waited on!)

The Haven started as a food truck and Kellee has now expanded her business to include cooking classes, catering and private parties. She has a Supper Club too. You can order dinners on Friday, pick them on Monday and have killer meals for the rest of the week. (So much for the class — I might just have to take her food to go instead!) Bottom line, if you like food and want a fun and unique night out, I highly recommend one of these classes.

We look forward to bringing you more fun classes through our partnership with The Haven!