Meet Me for a Hike

Summer 2018 Zenergy Hiking Series Review

Part of the Zenergy spirit lies in engaging in fun exercise and acts of community that extend beyond the club. Yvette Hubbard, Zenergy Fitness Director, has been crafting programming to help build health and foster friendships throughout her career, and her annual summertime “Meet Me on a Hike” Program is one of Zenergy’s most fun and social ways to get outside, learn the local trails, and have a great time in the fresh mountain air.

Starting off at the Zenergy lobby as a group meeting place, these hikes are designed for people of all fitness levels.  Differences in the group create a dynamic opportunity for some to run ahead and explore, for others to get deep into conversation and soak up the scenery. The hikes are also great for people who are new to the community, who might be looking to meet friends or the chance to get first-hand knowledge of the local trails.

Others are drawn to the group hikes for safety, or for the social aspect.


Still others found opportunity to bring family and guests from out of town on a new adventure.


And always, dogs are welcome.  (These hikes truly became a play-date for dogs!)

This summer’s hiking groups created a bond while learning about this amazing area. Special props to Annie Vandeberg for making every single hike!!

Stay tuned in spring of 2019 to see what next year’s Meet Me on a Hike plan will be, and join in the fun!

Select shots from other hikes this summer…

Proctor Mountain

Taylor Canyon

Chocolate Gulch

Pioneer Cabin

Bald Mountain Trail (to the gondola)

West Fork of the North Fork of the Bigwood River

Norton Lakes, Big Lost Lake and Smokey Lake lollipop loop

Summit Creek

Alpine Lake (upper Redfish Creek valley)