Temporary Club Closure Through March 31

Dear Zenergy Members, Staff, and Friends:


Zenergy takes its responsibility to our active and close-knit community very seriously. Nothing is more important to us than ensuring the health and well-being of our valued members and dedicated staff.  With this in mind, we have been taking numerous preventative measures in recent days, hoping we could create a safe environment in which to weather the Coronavirus storm together for the duration. Unfortunately, as we have watched this crisis unfold on a global level and seen the extraordinary precautions being taken to halt its advancement, it is now clear that it is in our collective best interest to close the club until we have more confidence that it is safe to reopen.


As a result, Zenergy will be suspending all operations as of 3 pm, Sunday, March 15th, and all members and staff will be required to vacate the property at that time.  This closure will remain in effect through at least the end of March and is subject to extension beyond that date if circumstances warrant. Of course, we hope that will not be the case. We want to be clear that there have been no documented cases of COVID-19 at Zenergy; this difficult decision is being made in an abundance of caution, and because we feel it is important to be proactive at this time.


Here are the specifics of how the closure of the club will be implemented:


  • The steam rooms, sauna and spa have been closed and are not available for use.
  • The spa will be closed effective immediately.
  • The locker rooms and showers will remain open until 3 pm tomorrow, March 15. Members with permanent lockers should remove any important items they may require during our closure. No member will be allowed to return to the club until we reopen.
  • All food and beverage service will be suspended immediately.
  • The pools, gym and tennis courts will be available for member use only (no guests) until 3 pm on Sunday, March 15th. All other personal training sessions and lessons will be cancelled.
  • Until Sunday at 3 pm, members are permitted to work out or play tennis (at their own risk) but are asked to avoid close contact with each other or with members of our staff.


Members of our Management Team will continue to be on duty and there will be someone available to answer the phone every day between 9 am and 5 pm.  We will also communicate with you throughout the closure and make every effort to answer your questions as promptly as possible. We will collaborate with our personal trainers and our massage therapists so that you can make appointments with them outside “physical” Zenergy and still be billed through your account. Details will be forthcoming. For those of you who choose to work out on your own, there are over 50 exercise videos on the Pivot page of our new website, and we will work to expand that feature in the event of a prolonged shutdown.


As far as our wonderful staff is concerned, we are working diligently to ensure each of them is well cared for during this time. All staff members will be paid as if they had worked the entire month of March. If we must remain closed longer, we will develop a more comprehensive plan for both member pricing as well as staff compensation.


These are hard decisions. While we are joining many other private clubs, professional and collegiate sports and schools at all levels, all trying to do the right thing during this State of Emergency, we recognize our closure will in fact create some hardship for members, staff and their families. By being a leader rather than a follower, we are hopeful we can return to normal operations and staffing levels as soon as possible.


Thank you for your understanding and support as we work to try and keep everyone safe and healthy at this challenging time. Please email me directly at dagnew@zenergysv.com with any comments or questions. All of us at Zenergy wish you good health until we see you in person again, hopefully before too long.


Derek Agnew

General Manager