The Transformative Power of Pilates

Pilates, developed almost 100 years ago, is experiencing a renaissance in the health and wellness community. What is it about this mindful workout that has drawn such a strong resurgence? German boxer and trainer Joseph Pilates developed his namesake exercise discipline while serving as an orderly in a World War I hospital. He gained notoriety by helping patients regain the ability to walk with an exercise regimen focused on core strength and flexibility. Pilates emigrated to New York in the 1920s, where he garnered immediate traction in the dance and performing arts community, helping performers build the foundational flexibility and strength necessary for their craft. Fast-forward to 2022, with state-of-the-art equipment and a deeper understanding of its effectiveness, a growing number of wellness seekers are headed to the Pilates studio to discover the many benefits that the practice offers.


Local Zenergy Pilates instructor Kati Freytag emphasizes, “I tell my clients that Pilates is like an oil change for your body. It lubricates the joints, turns on muscles you never knew you had, and balances the body in a way no other workout can. It’s the perfect complement to our hard-charging lifestyles in the Valley.”

Pilates is a low-impact exercise that strengthens often-overlooked stabilizing muscles while increasing mobility and flexibility. It is a full-body exercise methodology that develops a mind-body connection through intentional breath-work. In the Pilates studio, we see people from all backgrounds experiencing these benefits. Twelve-time Olympic medalist swimmer and Zenergy-sponsored athlete Dara Torres was named to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Team at age 41, making her the oldest U.S. Olympic swimmer in history. Not only did she compete, but she also brought home three silver medals and firmly established herself as one of the greatest swimmers of all time. After retiring from swimming professionally, Dara discovered Pilates.


“I didn’t know much about it during my career but have since fallen in love with Pilates because it has really toned and leaned me out,” says Dara. “I like that you can simultaneously do a low-impact workout that is really challenging.”


Pilates is an ideal place to start for those who are simply seeking improved mobility. As Zenergy Pilates instructor Nikki Collier puts it, “There are benefits to every BODY! Pilates is a great addition to any exercise regimen. The range of movements involved in Pilates strengthens your entire body, aligns your joints, and promotes mental focus. In addition, Pilates can help with osteoporosis and building bone density.”


The strengthening and lengthening of muscles while practicing Pilates is incredibly beneficial for core power and flexibility. The intentional control of muscles connects the mind to movement, helping to develop better balance. Flexibility, strength, and balance are pillars of Pilates that are important for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, recovering from an injury, or working to build fitness, the Pilates studio is there to help you reach your goals.


In October, Zenergy completed an extensive renovation of their Pilates studio with new Balanced Body Reformer Towers. It has expanded their talented team of certified instructors, offering clinics and sessions for people at any stage of their Pilates journey. Zenergy’s instructors combine the teachings of Pilates with innovative techniques to challenge coordination, muscle endurance, and core stability. Joseph Pilates declared, “You will feel better in 10 sessions, look better in 20 sessions, and have a completely new body in 30 sessions.”

Discover for yourself all the benefits Pilates offers for whole-body wellness!

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