Two Great Exercises for a Killer Ski Season

Want a strong start to your ski season? Pre-season training can mean the difference between shredding like a pro and quitting after a few runs. This year, just say NO to an aching back and burning thighs! Here, Yvette Hubbard, Zenergy Health & Wellness Coordinator and an ACE-certified personal trainer, shares her two favorite TRX exercises to get you prepped for the slopes. Do these moves 2 to 3 times a week as part of an overall conditioning program that includes strength, cardio and flexibility.

Single-leg Squat: Grasp handles in hands at belly-button height, torso upright. Step back with your right foot as if to kneel down (but keep your knee 2 inches off the floor). Stand up and drive your right knee up to hip height. Repeat for 15-20 reps, then switch legs and repeat. Strengthens quadriceps, glutes and core, and improves balance and joint stability.




Gliding Plank: Place your toes in the foot cradles and get into a plank position, elbows bent and weight on your forearms. Start with shoulders over your elbows and glide back 4 inches.(If you feel pressure in your back, error on the side of getting your hips too high). Return to starting position. Continue gliding back and forth 10-20 times. Increases core strength.