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Youth Aquatics Program Changes, Spring 2019

Greetings, Zenergy members and clinic patrons,

Zenergy has recently discontinued its Youth Aquatics Clinic programs. In their place, the club will offer semi-private Youth Swim Lessons, available to Duos, Trios, and Quads. These lessons are available to Zenergy Members only, and must be booked over the phone, via email, or in person at the club.

Zenergy’s dedicated and talented aquatics instructors will be able to deliver a higher level of attention and more targeted instruction in developing youth swimmers as a result of these changes. The instructors are now more empowered to recommend to parents potential lesson groupings which will be of the highest benefit to their children, while parents will have increased control over their children’s swimming schedules.

Youth Aquatics Clinics had frequently presented mismatches in terms of child swimming ability and compatibility. To relieve administrative burden and alleviate child frustration while also taking into consideration the overall demand of the Clinics on the club pool amenities relative to other usages, Zenergy made its decision to move forward offering Youth Swim Lessons in Duos, Trios, and Quads. Prior to the decision, we took note of feedback provided to us from various member and user groups, from our general membership, adult individual and Master’s group swimmers, Pilates and Yoga practitioners, and from our clinic and its growing number of aquatic therapy patients.

If your family is directly affected by this change, please note that the aquatics staff, via Zenergy’s Fitness Director Yvette Hubbard, can provide some level of assistance to you in coordinating child swim lessons. The goal is to match your child or children with others of similar ability and a complimentary disposition. While we hope to continue facilitating positive swim experiences for children, please do note that in this arrangement parents rightfully hold the primary responsibility of assessing all matters pertaining to our Youth Aquatics Lesson program.

At Zenergy, we have always been and will continue to be proud supporters of youth swimming. The Atkinson’s Park swim program has been with us for over a decade, a bond which represents just one of our long-term partnerships with the overall local community. All Zenergy swim programming for younger children has aimed to first and foremost get kids to being safe in the water. After that important goal is met, we have endeavored to take kids from being water-safe all the way through to the Atkinson’s Park program, where they get to work with our amazing swim coaches Ed and Maria. We have continued to be supporters of the Wood River High School Swim Team, with lap time provided at our outdoor pool over the past two years. Regardless of the youth programs we’ve promoted, Zenergy has always aimed to meet the needs of both parents and children, whenever and wherever we have taken on the responsibility and privilege of serving!

If these changes do affect you, I sincerely hope that your child benefits from the transition to our new Youth Aquatics Lessons program.  It is our sincere belief that the changes will result in a better experience for all, in and out of the water at Zenergy.

Sincerely yours,

Derek Agnew

Zenergy General Manager