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4 Simple Rules

At this moment, the holiday season is in full swing. Celebratory lunches, dinners, parties, cocktails, events and, in general, lots more eating and drinking is happening as the end of year brings many people together and for good reason and causes. So what happens to taking care of one's well being?

Well, not too long ago, I walked into Zenergy and saw 4 Simple Rules posted on the Zenergy-In The Now board, and snapped an iPhoto. Having been a little less in Zenergy, as of late myself, this little note of inspiration has kept me going.

1. Never Miss a Monday

On Mondays, starting off with Alex Laws spin, which can be back-to-back double class too, definitely adds to beginning the week on the “right” or “spin” foot. But, there's lots of ways to kick off a Monday at Zenergy. Bodypump with Sheridan, Yoga with Diane, Swimming with Ed, Zumba with Casey (where you really do shake that booty!) and the list goes on with BodyCombo with Anna and Pilates and much more. It's not just Monday, you can do this all week long with all these incredible options for classes when the gym is just not the allure you want it to be.

2. Never go 3 days without exercise

This can be tough, right now especially, but it's really true the early bird does catch the worm. An effort to get up before the day commences can keep this tenant on track. I need to follow this too! But winter sports, especially with Sun Valley's early season snowfall can make this commitment loads of fun. Nordic, snowshoe and, of course, Baldy can make exercise very enjoyable.

3. Work out 3 days/week

It's always fun to do this with a friend, there's nothing like having a comrade to sweat with you, it may not be cathartic, but it certainly gets the health routine in order. As we are distracted by sugar plums and gourmands, who wait all year to appear right now and derail us all, there's sanctuary at Zenergy and plenty of ways to make working out entertaining and fun.

4. Rest 1-2 days

Sometimes over doing it can keep you from getting out again, which the holidays can do full throttle without you even knowing. As they say, planning is everything along with showing up, rest needs to be in there too, which does come in handy when parties and gatherings occur along with a late night or two.

If there's a will, there's a way to keep oneself healthy and fit, and these 4 Rules can help. Plus, maintaining one's fitness scene will also fend off those nasty bugs and random viruses that plague the valley during tourist seasons—no time for being sick here!