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Around the World: Tips and Strategies for Staying Healthy and on Track when you Travel with Melissa

Melissa Arnot's presentation at Zenergy last week was full of great information on
“Tips and Strategies for Staying Healthy and on Track when you Travel.” In case you missed it her tips are below,  just in time for your Spring Break Vacation.

• Hydrate before travel. Goal is to drink 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces of water every day.
• Jet lag is decreased by:
*eating the proper meal at your destination (skip the in-flight meal if it’s not at a regular meal time)
*staying hydrated – keep a water bottle with you at all times to sip throughout the day
• Melatonin works to help reset your internal clock
• Vaseline along nasal passages acts as a physical barrier to viruses and keeps membranes moist – great for flights
• Ask your doctor about using Ambien for short-term sleep aid on long flights, but understand that it can be addictive
• Research your hotel to find out if they have a gym to maintain your workout routine. If not, consider using the stairwell or prepare a bodyweight workout.
• Track your workouts on a planner to maintain motivation while travelling…plus it’s fun to look back a month or a year later and see what you’ve accomplished!

*Melissa Arnot works as a professional mountain guide, climber and speaker traveling everywhere from Nepal, Argentina, Africa New York and Tulsa in any given 6-month period. With over 250 days traveling last year she will chat about the strategies she uses to stay healthy and keep her nutrition and fitness on track no matter where she is or where she's headed