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Build Bone Density with the Zaaz Machine

It’s no secret that weight-bearing exercise is important for building bone density—but did you know that whole-body vibration platforms like the Zaaz Machine can help, too?

It may sound too good to be true, but there is real research to back it up.

The Zaaz Machine
If you’re wondering what the heck a Zaaz Machine is, you may need to pay a visit to the squash court to check it out. The Zaaz Machine is a whole-body vibration platform—and so many Zenergy members got hooked when we had one on loan that we had to splurge and buy one for the club.

When you stand on the platform, the energy from the oscillating vibrations is safely transferred to your body—without impact. The vibration activates an average of 97 percent of all muscle groups and produces up to 30 involuntary reflexes per second.

People who use the Zaaz Machine report improved muscle strength, improved flexibility, toning and firming of muscles, increased metabolism, stress relief, improved sleep, and more. The best part: there is no stress on the joints, ligaments, or tendons compared to other types of resistance training.

Building Bone Density
Before you decide that the Zaaz Machine sounds like a silly gimmick, you might want to take a look at the research. Whole-body vibration platforms were created by the Russians to boost bone density and muscle strength. NASA used the technology to help astronauts prepare for space.

One study has shown that postmenopausal women who used the vibration platform for five minutes three times a week had 2 percent more spinal bone density compared to a group of control women who did not vibrate—and who actually lost about a half a percent of bone density in their spines.

Shake It Up
Of course, the Zaaz Machine is not a replacement for good old-fashioned exercise, but it could play a role in building bone density.

We have a club full of equipment to help you build strength, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility. But if you need an excuse to spend five minutes shaking it up, step onto the Zaaz Machine and know that you just might be doing something healthy for your bones.


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