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Change one small thing

By Sabina Dana Plasse

I pondered about whether or not to blog about New Year’s resolutions, the most obvious, spend more time at Zenergy and why not. There are amazing programs happening for January so there’s really no excuse not to go or at least get some fitness resolution in action—kinda a no brainer. But, I thought about some things that I have stumbled across in the endless world of social media and other places that I really liked that I would actually think about all year long.

I watched a piece on resolutions on PBS News Hour about a master resolution keeper, who like every good fitness professional, trainer and coach, said: Make a Plan. As I age, plans are my lifeline because I write them down and start initiating my intentions. It works, and as an individual who works on their own, it has never failed me only brought back success. As much as I try to commit to memory, it’s not safe proof. If you want immediate gratification and results, a plan in writing in front of you makes you get stuff done.

Another simple and less daunting effort about keeping a resolution that I learned was this: Change One Small Thing. Here’s this from a celebrity trainer:

“Too often people plan on making overly drastic changes to their lives, changes that they inevitably fail at sustaining. If you want to eat a little better, don’t make your resolution to become a raw vegan or train for a marathon—make it something like substitute your morning Frappuccino for a skim milk cappuccino.”

And a few more tidbits: Begin today, strength in numbers, get the right tools and focus on the process.

Grab friends for a walk, snowshoe, hike, ski or, like I love to do, takeover a class with friends and it becomes an event—or you bond with your class goers and you all enjoy the comradery of meeting up for class—I love this about Zenergy.

As for tools: new shoes (always wear good gear as things wear out and so will you without it), blender, water bottle, clothes, gadgets, etc. whatever it takes to get you out or feeling good, do it if you can. Zenergy has some of these things, if you need, and it’s good stuff.

Although this might seem pretty standard motivational speak, here’s a little something to put that in perspective from pro-surfing legend Laird Hamilton.

“People think I look as good as I do now because I exercise a lot. That’s only half the equation. The other half is what I eat. I love Japanese food. I love Hawaiian food. I love food in general. But I don’t eat haphazardly. I eat for performance and health, and let’s not forget pleasure—those are the elements of what I call “food intelligence.” Not that I’m obsessive. My meals don’t take three hours to prepare, I don’t measure food by the gram, and if I get into a position where I have to eat an airplane meal or a Big Mac, I’m not going to love it, but it won’t put me into toxic shock. Instead of being like a high-performance car that is sensitive to any impurities in the fuel, I’m more like a diesel truck. If a little water gets in there, it’s still going to be okay. Here’s how I power my body.”

Check it all out at Men’s Health, it’s good:

And then because you can’t avoid a little prediction, here’s from the world beyond, which helps with the positive vibes regardless.
From Zoe Moon:

“We kick off 2015 with a preponderance of energy around social interests, group activities, causes, charities, the Internet, friends, gatherings, our freedom, originality and the need to reinvent ourselves, find our tribe and pursue our aspirations. This is where the momentum will be this month so fraternize, involve your pals, it’s a whole new year!”