Five Cool New Must-Try Workout Tools at Pivot

Stuck in a fitness rut or frustrated by lack of results? Head to Zenergy’s new PIVOT Functional Movement Studio and shake up your routine with one of the fun new toys featured below. Along with muscle strength and endurance, they can help boost core strength, balance and coordination for a body that’s ready for anything. Learn how to use these specialized tools and others at the following scheduled PIVOT Studio Tours, which are open to the public – 5:30 PM on April 5th and 19th, 12:00 PM on April 10th and 24th.




CorMax AQA Ball

The water inside this PVC ball causes it to move erratically. Holding or lifting the ball while performing different exercises throws off your balance, forcing your core muscles to work hard to hold you steady. For sample moves, check out this video.





Aerobis revvll PRO

Revvll rope resistance exercises are excellent for upper body development as well for building a strong grip and improving agility and coordination skills. With up to six adjustable resistances, you can increase the challenge as you get stronger. For ideas on how to use it, click here.






The SandRope
You’ll feel like a firefighter in training when manhandling the SandRope, a patent-pending neoprene tube packed with 15 or 30 pounds of shifting sand. Solo or with a partner, the SandRope can be used to perform a range of high-intensity exercises that engage your entire body, especially your core. It’s fun and challenging at the same time. For exercise ideas, click here.






 LYFT Soft Plyo Boxes
Hard metal Plyo boxes can be intimidating and painful to say the least. LYFT Plyo boxes offer a variety of heights and progressions with a soft, more forgiving surface to step or jump up on. Click here to view some of the many exercises possible with the plyoboxes.





CorMax Commander & Torpedo
Use the water-filled CorMax Commander as a weight bench and lift or hold the CorMax Torpedo for added resistance. You’ll experience a stability challenge like no other. Traditional front squats with a barbell can be painful for shoulders and wrists. The CorMax Torpedo allows wrists and shoulders the freedom to perform front and overhead squats while adding an extra element of core stability. See sample moves here.