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Let’s #FuelHappiness This Holiday Season

Zenergy is joining lululemon athletica to #FuelHappiness this holiday season!

One small change can ignite a ripple effect that can in turn affect our entire community. Why not start now? 

Each week throughout the holiday, we will highlight one of the seven happiness practices.

The best way to fuel happiness in our community is to be in the practice of happiness ourselves.

Week of Nov 16 – Explore Meditation

Week of Nov 23 – Make Gratitude a Habit

Week of Nov 30 – Cultivate Positivity

Week of Dec 7 – Kindness Matters

Week of Dec 14 – Take Your Pleasure Seriously

Week of Dec 21 – Nourish Your Connections

Week of Dec 28 – Live With Purpose

This week's practice is Meditation. Taking just a few minutes to get truly present can have an amazing effect on how we think, feel, and act. To learn more, click HERE

Be sure to follow along each week to make this your happiest holiday yet! And stay tuned for can't-miss posts from Zenergy yoga guru Lauri Bunting. 

The Zenergy Staff