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#FuelHappiness Week 3 Practice: Live With Purpose

Welcome to Week 3 of the lululemon athletica #FuelHappiness holiday campaign! This week's happiness practice: LIVE WITH PURPOSE. 

As our friends at lululemon put it, people who find meaning in their work have more fulfilledhappy lives—especially as they age.

If we just pursue pleasure, we miss half the fun. According to researchers, how much we enjoy our work depends on whether we view the experience as “a job, a career, or calling.”[3-1] If we have a job, we're just working for a pay cheque. If we have a career, we're working for external rewards like title promotions, advancements, or salary increases. If we have a calling, we experience our work as the end itself. We bet you guessed it—the latter is likely to bring us the most happiness.

Finding the right work involves an in-depth self-discovery process. Focus on what brings your life purpose and fun, not just the talents you've developed. The more overlap you can find between your talents, activities that you find fun, and activities that give you purpose, the happier you'll be.

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