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Hydration Cocktails for All

Guest post by Ashley Koff, R.D.

Summer is upon us, and while we know we need to hydrate, sometimes our water needs an upgrade. True hydration means that the water doesn’t just go into our body, but into our cells (we need the right mineral balance, sufficient potassium, to bring the water INTO our cells). Summer heat is not the only thing rising, especially at BBQs and beach parties where the sodium from snack foods can really add up. Potassium acts as sodium’s natural counterbalance. Here are some potassium-rich beverage ideas, sure to add a hydrating splash to your summer (I use plain coconut water or Ultima Replenisher to supply potassium and other minerals):


Brew 1 tea bag of ginger or rooibos tea (for 8 ounces of water)
Add 1 scoop mixed frozen berries
Add 1/2 a frozen banana sliced

Sugar-Free Arnold Palmer
Iced Tea + 1 packet of Ultima Lemonade

Anti-Ox Palmer
Iced Green Tea + 1 packet of Ultima Berry or 4 ounces of plain Coconut Water

The Ultima Shirley T
Premix one packet/serving of Wild Raspberry with 4 ounces of regular water
add to 4 oz. sparkling water
serve over ice and gently stir (don’t shake)
garnish with an orange
decorate with an umbrella.


Ultima Raspberry Goodness
2.5 oz Citron vodka
1 packet of raspberry Ultima
4 oz pineapple juice
Shake and garnish with lemon zest

“I’d like my drink on the HydRocks”
Ice Cubes made from Coconut Water or Ultima Replenisher
Add to any liquor and enjoy

Ultima Dreamsicle
2.5 oz vanilla vodka
1 packet orange Ultima
4 oz water
shake and serve in sugar rimmed glass garnished with orange wheel

The Ulitma Lemon Drop
2.5 oz vodka
1/2 oz Cointreau
1/4 scoop Lemonade Ultima
2 oz water
juice of lemon wedge
Shake and serve in sugar rimmed glass

Ashley Koff is an internationally renowned registered dietitian on a mission to improve the health of people across America and beyond through raising public awareness of the value of quality eating.

Ashley will give a talk—A Case for Quality—at Zenergy on Tuesday September 19, 2013 at 1:00 p.m.