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Kids’ Custom Tennis Camps with Sport Specific Training

With Zenergy’s new tennis camps, you get to create the perfect schedule for your kids.  You can choose how many hours of professional instruction they receive each day, how many days a week they attend, and what time of day.  Even better, you get to put your own group together with a minimum of four kids and a maximum of six.

A popular daily option is to include sports specific training in the Zenergy pool.  It’s a specially designed water based program to improve your child’s on court performance…and it’s a really fun break to being on the court.  Our top combo has traditionally been two hours of on court instruction with one hour for swimming and snacks.  If you prefer more on court time, just let us know and we’ll build the schedule to your liking.

  • The Mini-Camps can be customized to suit any ability levels; beginners or advanced kids can be equally served.
  • Age range is 8 to 18 years old.
  • Scheduling is first-come, first serve and dependent on instructor availability.
  • Please contact Zenergy Tennis Director Robert Kolb to create your perfect schedule, which will determine daily pricing: 208-725-0595 x108, or email