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Put up your dukes

by Sabina Dana Plasse

Not too long ago, Zenergy instructors Anna Geist and Sheridan Brett  invited me to join them for a Saturday morning Bodycombat class. Right away I had total recall for the 90s and Tae Bo. Sans the big hair and much better workout clothes, my muscle memory kicked in with upper cuts and back and forward kicks. Sometimes us girls (and maybe you guys) need a little empowerment and Bodycombat can make that happen—and it feels good.

“Bodycombat was found because it’s an authentic mixed-martial arts workout,” explains Anna. “It’s so empowering, and you can just let it all out.”

It’s not kickboxing. It's a mix of martial arts moves including karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai. You can strike, punch, kick and kata while improving heart and lung function (reduce heart disease!), tone and shape, improve coordination and core strength to name a few of the many benefits to this exhilarating workout.

“You won't be joint sore,” tells Sheridan. “It's a good muscular workout that improves your upper body and core strength.”

Anna said she is more cut from the class. So, who doesn't want that? And she also said she's much stronger, which is always a plus.

“It’s a big core workout,” says Sheridan. “If you ever have watched boxing, you will notice that the boxers lean into each other with their core strength, which is what Bodycombat does best.”

It’s an awesome workout, and it’s fun. Bodycombat is also great to get in shape fast burning up to 700 calories a class, and it's fantastic cross-training for skiing. When you need a little variety to your workout routine, Bodycombat is the solution for switching things up.

“Come, at the very least, three times,” says Anna. “It’s always going to be 10 tracks, and it will always follow a specific chain of events so you can anticipate what to do as you get more comfortable with the class.”

Take Bodycombat on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, where Sheridan and Anna will switch off teaching but in the meantime will teach together. Don't hesitate to ask them anything. They will help you all the way through the class. Also, the ladies who have been doing Bodycombat for the last month or so are a great deal of fun and look forward to more people jabbing and kick jumping.


Wednesdays  8:15-9 a.m. with Sheridan Brett
Fridays 9-10 a.m. with Anna Geist
Saturdays 11:10-12:10 with Anna Geist and Sheridan Brett until they switch off