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Rehab in the Rockies

Zenergy member Chris Burget knows a thing or two about rehab. The former defensive tackle for the University of Arizona has had 15 surgeries on his left knee—and five of those were total knee replacements. So, how is it that after five knee replacements, the avid sportsman is still able to hike up steep hillsides during hunting season? According to him, it all starts with Zenergy.

“Zenergy has been my right hand in rehab,” Chris says. “I couldn’t have rehabbed on my own without that facility.”

Chris credits Colleen Coyne, his physical therapist at Sun Valley Sports Rehab at Zenergy, with a lot of his success. “Colleen was instrumental after every surgery,” he says. “Having a PT to work with who is there and can monitor and help in the beginning days is crucial and helped me to be successful.”

But while Colleen could provide direction, the real work had to come from Chris. And it did. He put in the time—in the weight room, in the pool, and even in the yoga studio. “I had my first knee replacement in 2008 and I’ve been rehabbing ever since. I’ll be rehabbing for the rest of my life,” he says, half-jokingly.

And what better place to do it than in a world-class facility like Zenergy?

“I absolutely love Zenergy,” Chris says. “As a former athlete who has trained in hard-core gyms, this gym to me has it all. The equipment is top-notch and the staff is friendly and helpful.”

Chris’s favorite part of Zenergy is the saline pool, but he also likes to take advantage of the variety of fitness classes, like BodyPump® and yoga.

“Zenergy is my home away from home. I’m there every day—and it’s a no-brainer because I want to be there. Just the place itself motivates you in a way because it’s a beautiful, healing environment,” Chris says.

When he’s not swimming laps in the Zenergy pool, Chris is busy working as a realtor, entrepreneur, and social media consultant—or spending time at his favorite place, his cabin on the Big Lost River. “Life is short. Live where you love and love what you do,” he advises.

This positive attitude probably has a lot to do with his success, both in his career and his rehab. “We’ve all had adversity. This is nothing,” he says. “I’ve been able to work with some of the wounded vets and let me tell you, this is nothing. At the end of the day, I still have my leg. I’m not missing an eye or a limb. It puts it all in perspective and helps me stay positive. I’m grateful for what I have.”