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The Choice Is Yours…

Guest Post by Alex Laws

Roadblocks give you opportunity to ponder or question and sometimes may impede your progress for a day or two. That is not a problem. Some of my best decisions have come after pondering them for 45/60 days because of the obstacles or roadblocks that were put up in front of me.

What you decide to share with your husband, wife or partner is your decision. If you have committed your life with this person, then you have obviously trusted your actions and decisions to this point with them. They may offer you a roadblock. When listening to them, embrace their thoughts and concerns. You are not trying to come up with ideas or thoughts in defense of what they are offering. You shared it with them, now sit back and evaluate and listen. The individual you are listening to may be giving you both the problem and the solution!

Your intuition is always on…are you listening?

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