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Up Close and Personal

Are you stuck in an exercise rut with no way out? Or are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? A personal trainer can be one of the best investments you ever make for your health. Whether you need motivation, support, instruction, or accountability, a personal trainer can provide a boost to your fitness regimen and set you on the right track.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer
All personal trainers have the same goal—to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Hiring a personal trainer is not just a luxury reserved for celebrities; anyone can benefit from working with a trainer. Working with a personal trainer means making a commitment to your health—with time and money. Personal trainers typically educate their clients and provide individualized fitness plans.

A personal trainer can help you:

  • Start a new fitness regimen. If you’re just getting started, a personal trainer can help you devise a realistic and safe plan for building fitness. A personal trainer will assess where you are now and how you can improve and then work with you to implement a fitness program that works for you.
  • Learn proper technique and form. Most of us don’t learn how to exercise—we just walk into the weight room, pick up weights, and do what we see other people doing. A personal trainer will educate you about proper form and technique to ensure that you don’t injure yourself and that you receive the maximum benefits of the exercise.
  • Achieve your goals. Most personal trainers are adept with goal setting. A personal trainer will help you to identify your fitness goals and then develop a plan to get you there. You may have a goal to lose five pounds, tone your abdominals, or complete a challenging race or event. A personal trainer can help.

Working with a Personal Trainer
There are many different ways to work with a personal trainer. It depends what your needs are. Even just a few sessions with a personal trainer can be beneficial and set your fitness plan on track, though some people choose to work with trainers indefinitely. Some people need personal trainers for motivation and accountability and therefore opt for a long-term weekly or twice-weekly commitment with a personal trainer. Others need a “tune-up” or fitness boost and hire a personal trainer for a few sessions. If you’re self-motivated, but just want some professional expertise, you can even hire a personal trainer who will meet with you once or twice and then devise a fitness plan for you to follow on your own.

Choosing the Right Personal Trainer for You
When choosing a personal trainer, there are a few things to consider:

  • Professional qualifications: Look for a trainer who is educated, experienced, and committed to ongoing education. At Zenergy, all of our personal trainers have top-notch credentials and continue to engage in ongoing professional development.
  • Specialty or style: Some personal trainers choose to specialize in different areas, such as weight loss, race training, or working with the older adult population. Others have a unique training style, such as functional fitness. You may wish to choose a trainer dedicated to your area of interest.
  • Chemistry: It’s important to find a personal trainer who feels like a “match” for you. You’ll want a trainer whose personality and style suits you so that you can get the most out of the relationship.

Ready to boost your fitness with personal training? Tim Hanna, our Health and Wellness Concierge, can help you identify the trainer who best fits your needs.