Wipe Away Soft-Tissue Injuries with Astym

Suffering from chronic tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome or plantar fascitis? A new treatment offered at Zenergy Sports Rehab Clinic may help erase your pain!

Developed by a research team comprised of scientists, physicians and therapists, Astym(R)is a treatment designed to address the underlying cause of soft-tissue problems, not just symptoms. It helps regenerate healthy soft tissues, including muscles and tendons, and remove unwanted scar tissue that may be causing pain or restricting movement.

Here’s how it works: A certified technician runs specialized instruments along the surface of your skin to identify and stimulate the injured area. Your body responds to the stimulation (sometimes described as a “strange sensation” though it can be mildly uncomfortable for some) by producing healthy tissue. Astym also includes a customized stretching and strengthening program that helps your body heal properly.

“Astym allows my patients suffering from tendinopathy [painful or injured tendons] to return to full activity with little to no pain after 4 to 6 weeks of treatment,” attests Karoline Droege, who has been practicing it with physical therapy clients for about one year. “This is significant for those who have been suffering for months to years.”

Astym is successful at treating recalcitrant pain that does not respond to traditional attempts at rest, ice and NSAIDs, adds Droege. “It’s a great tool to have in my toolbox,” she says.

To learn more about Astym at Zenergy, call 725-0595 or email info@zenergysv.com.