Zenergy’s Own: Emily Knowles

One of Zenergy’s longest-tenured trainers, Emily Knowles balances a busy family life with a career at the club training clients, teaching Pilates, and being an itinerant bodybuilding competitor. Here’s a short interview, catching up with Emily.

Be sure to catch Emily & Co. weekdays Monday-Saturday at 9am on Instagram (follow: ek.fitness) for short but impactful live Pilates Mat classes. (P.S. you can bring your dog, they might learn something from Pickles the Pilates Dog.)



Who was your your most important sports/fitness mentor?

My Dad. When I was in about 6th grade, we would wake up very early in the morning to do the “20 min workout.” Does anyone remember them? Anne, Bess and Laurie – with matching leotards?
After that, it was Bodies in Motion with Gilad. We loved working out together. My Dad was an athlete. He was a runner, rower, windsurfer and loved lifting weights. He instilled in me an appreciation and desire for exercise.

What is your favorite individual sport? Team sport?

OK, well to be totally honest I was terrible at many of the team sports I grew up with. I played soccer and basketball for years, then finally quit. I realized that I was so much better at sports that didn’t involve a ball. I excelled in track (the 300m hurdles, the 400m and the 4 x 400m relay.) I rowed at a local lake – absolutely loved crew. The college I attended didn’t have rowing so my hopes were to be a track star. My freshmen year I injured my knee in a ski accident so that took me out. As I rehabbed, I realized how much I loved lifting weights and quickly got a membership at a local gym. I took as many group fitness classes as I could and was hooked. From then on I realized that my second home is the gym.

Is there any new form of entertainment that has caught on with your during this unusual time?

During this “Shelter at Home” I’ve had more time to run than I usually do. I am happy to have that because the other thing that is filling my time is A LOT of cooking.  I finally have time so I’m going through ALL my recipes and I’ll be lucky if I don’t resurface with a few extra lbs. to show for it. HA!! But the most entertaining thing has been watching our old family movies. It has been SO much fun! Tons of laughter all night.

What’s one thing you’ve discovered about yourself that surprises you?

I discovered that when you have “all the time in the world” you can do things on your list that you’ve pushed off for years. Yes, I am a superhero – the other night I fixed my iPad. ALL. BY. MYSELF. Yes, it took me 2 hours. But I did it.  I thought I’d get everything on my list done by now. Nope. I’m so surprised at how my day is filled with – who knows what but it’s suddenly 5:00pm!  I was certain I’d have all closets and drawers cleaned by now. I thought I’d have that daunting “photo project” done. Nope! I think I need at least another month!  😉

What’s your dream vacation?

Without a doubt somewhere sunny. A beach. Warm water. Why pay to go somewhere cold?