Finding Balance Through Mindful Eating

A conversation with certified functional nutrition expert and health coach, Jodi Fillmore, on her new line of ready-to-eat healthy meals, offered exclusively at Zenergy.

Jodi’s passion lies at the intersection of helping others and health and wellness. After using her own body as a test vehicle and spending years trying all the latest and greatest diets and health crazes, she found one constant: eating whole, unprocessed, organic foods made her feel her best. It didn’t matter if she was paleo, keto, vegetarian, or vegan, it all came down to high-quality ingredients that were free of antibiotics, pesticides, and hormones. Our bodies are constantly communicating with us, letting us know whether what we are consuming is harmful or healing. Food is information, and we need to start paying attention.

We have a lot of agency over how our genes express themselves, and therefore in our overall health and wellbeing, explains Jodi. She has seen, time and again, her clients and friends turn their lives around by modifying the way they eat, improving the quality of the fuel they put in their bodies. Here is one example:

A few years ago, Jodi worked with her client and friend and changed his life with two simple adjustments: nutrition and exercise. As a diabetic, he was having to drive 1.5 hrs to Twin Falls for dialysis multiple times a week. Jodi couldn’t stand to watch as his life became contingent upon these constant trips. So, she started making him nutritionally dense meals and helped him start an exercise routine. Today, he has lost 75 pounds and is off all of his medications.

Jodi helped him find his balance through whole body nourishment and an exercise routine. Most importantly, he is now taking care of his heart and soul by having the time and capacity to engage in his community and passions. He is living a life renewed, and discovering new interests as he discovers places in this community that weren’t accessible to him before. Jodi lives by the 80/20 rule – it is important to focus on health, but also necessary to indulge in what we love to do (and eat)!

From a nutritional perspective, Jodi explains, one of the best things we can do for our bodies is to eat fresh, unprocessed, organic foods. Whole foods are considered foods that remain in their natural state and have not been processed – a good example is fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown that whole foods are often lower in sugar and higher in fiber, helping to balance blood sugar. They can also boost cognition through a concentration of healthy fats, and even improve gut health through prebiotics and probiotics.

Processed foods contain highly refined ingredients, such as oil, sugar, and salt. Over time, they build up in our bodies, creating residual inflammation that can manifest in hormone imbalances, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and more. We may not feel it for decades, but ultimately this long-term inflammation can catch up with us and have drastic impacts on the quality of our lives. The best way to realize the difference that whole foods can have is by putting it into practice and recognizing how much better you feel.

Jodi seeks out the highest quality ingredients, sourcing many from local farmers to provide the freshest food available. Her recipes follow the seasons – when food is harvested at its peak growing season, it contains more of the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need – and it just tastes better! Jodi frequents the Wood River Farmers Market where she buys from Picabo Desert Farm and others, purchases whole wheat bread from Hangar Bread, has a CSA from Squash Blossom Farms, and consciously selects only high quality grass-fed and finished beef from Hyndman Beef, Big Lost Beef, and Alderspring Ranch – to name a few!

Through this work, Jodi is looking to share the opportunity to live a fuller, healthier life with our entire community. We have limited food options locally, and it can be challenging and time consuming to plan, shop, cook, and prepare healthy meals. Jodi is offering her own line of highly nutritious meals at Zenergy, through a limited lunch delivery service and as a private chef. Her business, Jodi’s Food For Thought, is inspired by what she eats on a daily basis: organic, whole, unprocessed foods. With each meal, Jodi develops her own recipes and tweaks them to level up the nutritional content. Her meals are restocked at Zenergy on Mondays and Wednesdays. Jodi is available for health coaching and as a private chef. Reach out to her if you are interested in either service:

(208) 721-0805