Live Younger – A Presentation from Dr. Maria Maricich

Join celebrated local wellness doctor Maria Maricich for an illuminating address on increasing longevity and well-being next Thursday, October 13th at 6:30PM at the Limelight Hotel.


Dr. Maria will dive into the latest research about aging and, more specifically, our genes. “Just like any other component of our bodies, as we age our genes are more prone to cracking and breaking,” she explains. Left without any intervention, this degeneration can lead to malfunction in our bodies. On Thursday, Dr. Maria will highlight how we can take proactive preventative steps to increase our longevity and health.


This is the first time Dr. Maria will share her insights on genetics with the public. She specializes in brain health and has firsthand experience treating the root causes that impede brain functionality. Her focus is on the epigenome, the part of our brain that tells our genes what to do and how to act. She has successfully trained the epigenome to repair genes, changing the very way genes express themselves. By addressing harmful disorders in the genes at their inception, her patients experience improved performance, faster recuperation, better brain function, and an increased sense of well-being. They are also more likely to avoid disease and injuries. Dr. Maria will discuss what it is each of us can be doing to address the underlying causes that make cells age faster.


Her insight can be applied at any age. We often look back at the past decade and note the changes in our bodies. Compare how you feel today with how you felt ten years ago. Can you recover as quickly? Prioritizing our health as early as possible has long-term, lasting effects. The sooner we can start down this pathway of health and wellness, the better our chances to increase our potential lifespan and improve the quality of our years.


A true local, Dr. Maria was born and raised in the Wood River Valley as an avid alpine ski racer. Her skiing brought her to the world stage, where she competed in the downhill at the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics. As a chiropractic doctor, she has built on the knowledge and experience she gained as a competitive athlete and through her community. She has been practicing in Idaho since 1991.