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Free Seminar: Bio Identical Hormones

By Deborah Viehweg, Aesthetic Consultant and Director of Business Development for ReBlume Medical

Zenergy is excited to host a free seminar for the community on January 19th at 6:00 p.m. introducing ReBlume Medical's natural wellness approach to reduce or eliminate the symptoms that can come with age.

It is widely known that through the aging process, levels of most hormones decrease and the receptors that bind these hormones decrease in either number or sensitivity. So in most cases, more mature patients actually need hormone levels higher than they needed in their youth. Optimal levels of hormones are associated with lower rates of depression, cancer, heart disease and stroke. Other observed benefits include improved sleep, energy cognition, and libido.

Bioidentical hormones are the exact same hormones that are present in your body and they are created from a natural plant source. There is much confusion among physicians who have reviewed studies using synthetic hormones. However, please understand that synthetic hormones are not the same as bioidentical hormones. ReBlume Medical's  qualified staff works with you to replace the exact hormones you need based on your lab results and symptoms. The compounding pharmacy they use has a strictly regulated process, resulting in the highest quality product available.

You won't want to miss this night to hear more on this important topic and have your questions answered. Call 1-855-REBLUME to reserve your spot!