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#FuelHappiness Week 7: Take Your Pleasure Seriously

It's the final week of our #FuelHappiness Challenge with lululemon athletica. This week's practice: TAKE YOUR PLEASURE SERIOUSLY.

What brings you pleasure? Knowing what makes you smile–and carving out time for those things–is a guaranteed way to live a happier (and healthier!) life.

Identify activities and people that reliably put a smile on your face. Do you love spending time with certain friends? Watching funny movies? Listening to good music? Snuggling with your kids? Once you have a list, resolve to do them each week. 

Physical activity increases the brain's release of endorphis, feel-good chemicals that can improve mood and well-being. Fortunately, we live in a place where healthy pleasures abound. Going for a hike on a wooded trail, skiing with friends, taking a yoga class, and playing in the snow are just a few examples. 

Research suggests that the simple act of smilng can boost your mood and reduce stress. Make it a daily habit, and you may actually become a happier, more positive person. 

Do something nice for someone else–a friend, family member, co-worker or complete stranger. Research shows it could make both of you happier!

Remember: One small change can ignite a ripple effect that can in turn affect our entire community. So what are you waiting for? Create new habits that will benefit yourself and the people around you. Continue to explore meditation, make gratitude a habit, live with purpose, cultivate positivity, nourish your connections, spread kindness and take pleasure seriously to #FuelHappiness for the rest of the holiday season and into the new year!