Get Ready (Already) for Ski Season!

With the start of ski season just eight weeks away, now is the time to start getting prepared. No, we don’t mean shopping for discounted ski gear and tuning your skis. We’re talking workouts designed to help you ski harder and longer with less fatigue.

Where to start? While strong legs are essential, you’ll need upper body and core strength, too. Agility, stability and balance also are important. And let’s not forget cardio: Aerobic fitness will give you the endurance and stamina needed to ski hard all day.

Using multi-joint moves and motions used in skiing will help you develop sport-specific strength. Variations on squats, lunges, and plank exercises are great for improving lower-body and core strength. Plyometric moves such as squat jumps, lateral box jumps and side-to-side hops can help boost power, strength and agility. For a strong upper body, try moves such as overhead ball throws.

To improve balance, you can’t beat one-legged squats and other moves requiring core stability. Incorporating fitness balls and the BOSU balance trainer into your workouts is a smart strategy.

To establish a solid aerobic base, aim to do at least three to four cardio sessions a week. Hiking, running, cycling, swimming and stair climbing are all good ways to work your heart and lungs and build endurance. Inline skating is a terrific option as well, since it mimics some of the movements used in skiing.

Don’t forget to stretch! Tight stiff muscles, especially hips, quadriceps and hamstrings, will inhibit your mobility. Hit a yoga class once or twice a week, or use a foam roller to loosen fascia (connective tissue) and improve range of motion.

Here’s a link to this October’s seasonal clinics from Zenergy to help you with your seasonal conditioning – Winter Sport Conditioning, TRX, and Pilates are all great places to start.

New for 2017: if you would like to have an Advanced Winter Sports Physical Assessment or would like to take your training to the next level with a series of Advanced Blood-Flow Restriction (BFR) Training sessions, each is now offered exclusively through the Zenergy Sports Rehabilitation Clinic. Call 208-725-0595 or email to get on one of our therapists’ schedule.