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More Spa, More Pampering

We’re feeling expansive! Our newly expanded spa is set to open Saturday December 22, 2012—and what was already great just got even better. The spa now has nine rooms—meaning nine opportunities for pampering every hour. That pampering starts the moment you step into the Aspen-lined halls.

But the soothing environment is just the beginning—we have you covered from head to toe. Here’s what we have to offer:

  • Full-service nail salon
  • Greg Hinshaw’s Hair Studio
  • Complete waxing services
  • Dedicated rooms for facial and beauty treatments
  • Wet bar and calming lounge, complete with vibroacoustic therapy chairs

So what does the newly expanded facility mean for you? It means more opportunity to book luxurious treatments such as massages, scrubs, wraps, peels, manicures, acupuncture, and more. To top it off, we’ve partnered with ReBlume Medical to offer facial rejuvenation and non-surgical facelifts. See? We weren’t kidding when we said we had you covered from head to toe.

So, hit the gym or hit the slopes—and then visit our new world-class spa for a soothing respite from it all. We guarantee that once you sink into one of our vibroacoustic therapy chairs, you won’t want to leave. Serenity now!