Optimize Your Health with Blood Testing

You hit the gym and down green smoothies daily in order to feel good, get more fit and be proactive with your health. But is it working? Are you doing the right workouts? What about your diet? Are you making the right choices to help you reach your goals and keep you healthy and fit for years to come?

Advanced blood panel testing will provide scientific answers to these questions and more. From lipids to inflammation to hormones, the screenings provide valuable insight into what’s happening inside your body. By measuring key biomarkers, you can identify hidden risks, deficiencies and imbalances that may cause problems now or down the road.

For years, professional athletes have used blood tests to pinpoint their specific dietary and recovery needs, allowing them to optimize their training and compete at the highest level. Now, as the wellness movement gains importance, health enthusiasts of all ages and abilities are joining in.

These comprehensive blood panel assessments go far beyond what you experience at your average yearly physical. They provide a more complete picture of your health and detailed data that can guide you in making key adjustments to your nutrition, exercise, sleep and general lifestyle.

Thanks to a new collaboration between Zenergy Health Club and Spa, St. Luke’s Wood River and Cleveland HeartLab in Ohio, Wood River Valley residents now have access to this advanced blood testing. Launched in March, the Zenergy Advanced Preventive Health Assessment is also available to non-members.

Here’s how it works: You meet with Zenergy for an initial consultation and determine which blood panels are right for you. Next, your blood is drawn onsite at Zenergy by a St. Luke’s phlebotomist, and sent to Cleveland HeartLab, a nationally recognized leader in advanced panel testing. Results are submitted to Zenergy’s new medical director, Rick Cohen, M.D., who analyzes the information and works with you and a Zenergy health coach to design a data-driven action plan. If you already have a primary care doctor, the results also can be sent to his or her office to become part of the care team with Dr. Cohen and the Zenergy health coach.

“We aren’t diagnosing or treating disease, but using [the blood test results] to create more tailored nutritional, exercise and lifestyle recommendations,” Cohen explains.

The blood panel testing is offered at different levels and price points. With a comprehensive metabolic profile, for example, you’ll gain information that might prompt a review of carbohydrates, fat and protein in your diet. In addition, you can test for the presence of inflammation, a sign of reversible problems including overtraining, poor diet and inadequate sleep. “Inflammation is a silent marker for rapid aging and at the core of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer and other serious chronic illnesses,” says Cohen.

“A full assessment of hormonal health could reveal imbalances that that are easily corrected by adjustments in training intensity, lifestyle and nutrition, leading to greater energy, faster recovery and enhanced sexual vitality,” Cohen adds.

“Finally! American health and fitness industries are collaborating to place a heavier emphasis on preventative care,” says Anthony Baucom, a Zenergy certified health coach who will work with Dr. Cohen to develop highly personalized nutrition, fitness and lifestyle plans for clients.

“We are looking forward to working closely with Zenergy and other community organizations on efforts to support people achieving a healthy lifestyle,” says Cody Langbehn, chief executive officer of St. Luke’s Wood River. “It’s going to take all of us working together to improve the health of the people in our community. The new collaboration we have with Zenergy and Cleveland HeartLab is innovative and supports our own efforts to focus on health promotion and disease prevention programs.”

Just because you look healthy on the outside doesn’t mean that you’re healthy on the inside. Blood testing can motivate you to make lifestyle modifications while also identifying potential health issues that could require medical intervention. As they say, knowledge is power.

To schedule an appointment for your Zenergy Advanced Preventive Health Assessment, call 208.726.7246.