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Say ‘I Love You’ with a fit gift

There are many ways to say “I Love You” but a little love from Zenergy can go a long way, and it's definitely that time of year when most everybody could use a boost or some motivation. Besides passes and memberships (always a winner!), Zenergy has a boutique filled with some of the best wearable workout clothing available for men and women to get anyone motivated to workout or start a new regiment. There's always new stuff for the worn out gym wear with the latest from leggings and workout tees and tanks to accessories as well as swimwear. There are plenty of choices in a range of styles and sizes not to mention product lines—it's good stuff. 

Feeling extra lovely, a visit or gift certificate from the Zenergy spa is not a bad “Be Mine Valentine.” With a full fledge menu of massages, body treatments, acupuncture, reflexology and more to enjoy, any scheduled appointment comes with a day pass. Relaxation, therapeutic, Eastern practices and energy work are all available for rejuvenation, healing and for getting some of those nasty kinks out from an injury or over doing it. And, for those with more ambitious Valentine's Day ideas, try a couples massage. In addition, the Zenergy Spa also has some of the best skin and hair product found in the state of Idaho. Paying attention to our high-desert environment's effects to our skin (and this is no joke), Zenergy's extremely knowledgeable spa staff makes it their business to offer the very best for skincare because they use it too so why wouldn't you.

Even more fun, is to make a commitment to one of the amazing Zenergy workshops offered each month from fitness challenges to energy work. Visit to see what's coming up. Even if you come for an “executive workout” (hot tub and steam), a few moments at Zenergy is a gift worth giving to keep the love flowing.