Zenergy’s Own: Colleen Coyne

We reached out to Zenergy Sports Rehabilitation Clinic’s Colleen Coyne, capturing her attention for a few minutes amid her busy outdoor lifestyle. Read on to catch up with or learn a little about Colleen.


Who is your favorite world leader, past or present, and why (in a few words describing what you like about their character or decisions)?

Mahatma Gandhi – he was a leader who accomplished goals by coming from kindness and love.

What is your favorite corner of Idaho?

It’s my “ranch” on the East Fork of the Salmon River, which is my real home (which is why I only do 2 work days a week in Ketchum). We have 12 acres to manage, 6 horses, and 2 dogs. Lots of work – and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


What music are you listening to right now/today/this week?

When I am in the house – which is rare up here because we have a very outdoor-oriented lifestyle, which has been such a blessing in these times – I am listening to Studio 54 on Sirius which, yes, is a disco channel! It makes me dance and reminds me of my post-college days when I went to the disco about four nights a week. I love dancing – very healthy during this time, and yet another great form of exercise!

Cats or dogs? (Or something else?)

Answered above, in the canine camp. But I have big ❤️ for all my four-legged creatures! They keep me quite busy: grooming, training, and trail riding.

Are you seeing patients virtually right now? If so, what’s something you’ve learned about you through the experience? About your job?

I feel very fortunate that we have had the opportunity to have contact with patients in a virtual format – it makes me realize that the key to success with our patients is primarily communication. This new platform gives me the opportunity to provide that visually and verball. I have not done a lot just yet but have found it quite effective. That being said, I very much miss patient interaction in a more personal form – who knows how that is going to look on the other side of all this.

Are you reading any good books right now/lately? What?

Most of my reading relates to my “horse-world” books, e.g., horse training manuals, since I have two younger horses that we adopted after they were removed from the wild. Even my novels somehow seem to be about horses!

What will be the first thing you’ll choose do when you have a chance to choose something that’s not possible today because of social restrictions?

I find what I miss most – because I am generally not a person that does much in big groups – I really miss the opportunity to go out to dinner with my amazing girlfriends. Zoom and FaceTime help a little, but it is not the same as having a great glass of red wine and sharing.