Zenergy’s Own: Diane Pobocik

We caught up with Diane Pobocik this week. Equally well-known in the gym and the spa, Diane is a busy trainer, massage therapist, and mom. By her own account, she was too zealous with house projects early in quarantine and now has nothing time consuming to do.


Who was your your most important mentor (of any kind)?

This is definitely the hardest question!  I have learned so much from so many amazing people.   Honestly, though, I’m going to say parenthood has been my most important source of learning, and my least forgiving “mentor”.  No matter what useful knowledge or skill I’ve been taught in the world, the trials and failures that have come with parenting my daughter have taught me to be a better human being.


What is your favorite workout?

I love doing pull-ups and dips and pushups and box jumps, and any workout with my body weight.  I also love lifting heavy weights. (Heavy is relative, obviously!) Any workout where I’m pushing or pulling or lifting weights is my favorite workout!


Who is your celebrity crush? (Question stolen from Seventeen magazine)
I don’t really have a celebrity crush-I never have paid attention to that kind of thing.  I recently watched Jumanji, though, and was blown away by Jack Blacks acting.  He is an amazing performer!  I would Seriously love to meet that guy!


What is your biggest pet peeve?

I really hate being lied to-it’s the worst!


What is your secret talent that not many people know about?

I have SO many😂the quirkiest and most secret is probably my poi spinning. I’m not a professional by any means,  but I have fun and entertain my closest friends.

What is your favorite country/place/locale that you love/would love to visit?

I want to go everywhere and see it all!

What are the top three things do on on your bucket list, right now? Have they changed since the ‘rona?

Nothing Has changed about my bucket list because of Covivid 19–I love dreaming!

1) I’d love to go to burning man with my daughter (with her being an adult – have a few more years to go!).
2) I want to learn to sail so I can sail around the Mediterranean.
3) I want a piece of private property to cultivate for my grandkids…or someone else’s grandkids if I never have any.