Zenergy’s Own: Troy Howard

We caught up with Zenergy’s longest-tenured employee, front desk fixture and member services maven Troy Howard.

Where are you from, originally?

I grew up in a small town in Michigan, lower peninsula, in a somewhat remote area southwest of Grand Rapids. Lake Michigan was right out my front door, and we were surrounded by woods and small hills. So it was great growing up there as a kid! We spent tons of time exploring the woods and lakes. I stayed there until I graduated from college, and then I moved away. I still have family there, so we visit every so often.

Who was your your most important mentor (of any kind)?

Mark Oliver was a big mentor of mine. He passed away a number of years ago from cancer. He was a close family and personal friend. Mark seemed to know everyone in town! He helped me a great deal when I first moved to Sun Valley; I was a little lost and searching for some direction. Mark was there for me in a big way.

What is your favorite individual sport? Team sport?

I was a wrestler and tennis player all through junior and senior high school. So, I would say those were my best individual sports. I played football as well in high school so I would say that was my favorite team sport!

Is there any new form of entertainment or other activity that has caught on with your during this unusual time?

I have found no “new” forms of entertainment. But have been using the online workouts that Les Mills and Zenergy provide. And I am finding them just as challenging as being in class with instructors and people!

What is your secret talent that not many people know about?

My secret talent has been learning to cook. Which has been a bigger surprise to me than to anyone else, I am guessing. I never knew I could become a good cook!