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Zenergy’s Own: Gigi Prior

Where are you from? 

 I grew up in Newport Beach, CA in a beautiful house on the oceanfront where I would spend my childhood enjoying the beach and my horses with 12 brothers and sisters. Back then Newport Beach was a small town that was not built up and I was able to ride my horses regularly on the beach, playing beach volleyball and windsurfing.  It was a great place to grow up. I moved to Sun Valley, ID at the age of 19 and have enjoyed all winter sports while competing in triathlons in the summer. I feel lucky to have lived in the two most beautiful places in the world.  


Who was your most important mentor? 

 Chris Pitkin who I worked with in Commercial Banking at Wells Fargo for many years has been my most important mentor in my life and continues to be. He is kind, gentle, and oh so very wise with his words. He always knows just the right things to inspire you to be a better person. I feel fortunate to have him in my life and he continues to help guide me to this day.  


What is your favorite individual sport? Team Sport? 

My favorite individual sport is trail running (no surprise), which is my meditation, Zen and happy place!  The mountains are amazing and trail running takes me to places of peace and beauty that otherwise can’t be reached.  

Team sport… Watching March Madness Basketball with all my very competitive teammates and members know I like to root for Virginia because “Virginia” is my real name but (Shhh don’t tell!)  


Is there any new form of entertainment or other activity that has caught on with you during this unusual time? 

Having time to actually sit down and watch an entire Netflix series is a new pandemic hobby. I finished Tiger King in one day and looking forward to start Ozark.  


What is your secret talent that not many people know about you? 

My secret talent is photography. I started with action shots at a young age when watching competitive beach volleyball. I continue to enjoy photography with this beautiful area as my backdrop. The snowfall, the full moon, or my mountainous views are all things I enjoy taking photos of.